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Sidney B Baldon 

I have dined in or to go at this restaurant for over 10 years, today was the worst. Ordered a to go meal and queso, get home and have queso, taco and tostada for $17.00. Get back in car drive 10 miles back. Explain order is incomplete and cashier says it's in the kitchen, he would get. I told him I just wanted a refund. Will start going to the other Mexican restaurant in Huffman.

Dec 02, 2017



The people at Los Compadres, the ones that we encountered, have been very nice. I like Los Compadres for the most part and the queso dip (was part of my daughter's dinner and she stated that it was the authentic Los Compadres queso) was good tonight; however, one time, some months back, we got takeout and asked for a small container of queso along with our ordered items. We thought we were going to be receiving the usual Los Compadres queso, but it turned out to be suspiciously very much like the Rico's queso that comes in a can, has the consistency of a heavy glue, and is extremely disgusting. Needless to say, we threw it out and never order a side of queso anymore as the "Ricos queso episode" truly grossed me out and was a ripoff in my opinion. If I liked Ricos queso, which I do NOT, I could probably buy a gallon of it at the local Walmart for what Los Compadres charged for a small container. The rest of the food is pretty good. However, the "Ricos queso episode" will stay with me forever ... lol ... and I, myself, will never order queso from them again.

Nov 18, 2017

Great Place


This place is awesome. We eat here once a week. The food is delicious and the wait staff is great! This is the first time I've visited the website and cannot believe all the bad reviews. Look at the lines on a Friday or Saturday night and let that be testament to what I'm preaching here.

Sep 07, 2017


Harris Family 

After moving back from central Texas our family was more than ready to have dinner at Los Compadres, as usual food was very good but our server Jorge was EXCELLENT!!!

Jun 27, 2017

Not as good


I've eaten at the Los Compadres in Huffman and Dayton..I will say that we prefer Dayton location..we went to Huffman last night, the queso was AWFUL...tasted like powdered cheese, so thick it would break the chips..servers are not as friendly as the location, nor is the food not as good!!! And REALLY get Coke we don't have to bring them from home!!

Jun 05, 2017

Not what I expected 🙁

J jones 

So my husband and I tried this restaraunt the other night. From our first impression, we will probably not come back. My daughter's enchalada meal was the size of a kid's meal and she was able to eat it in two minutes

. The restaraunt has very little room in between tables and the entrance/exit was super packed. Can you say traffic jam. Not because it was super busy either. More because the restaraunt is too small. Now for my food. I ordered Carne guisada, which I love to get at Mexican restaurants. Usually a,yummy stewed beef in tomato type sauce. No complaint on the portion size of this meal. I got a plate with beans, pico,guac,and rice on it, a side of tortillas. Then the entree; A giant plate of ..........pork in some sort of gelatinous sauce. Believe me I have never tasted Carne Guisada like this, and never will again. Bleh!! Was not expecting mystery meat.

Then the waitress was either too lazy to wait tables, or did not like walking through the crowded area. She waited until there were people seated at like 4 tables. Took all their orders at one time, Delivered the food two tables at a time, then Made one round to fill up drinks, and pass out checks. At this point she told us please go to check out up front. Yay, back to the crowded entance/exit! Where there are other bills lined on the counter with debit cards waiting to be ran. But hey, at least those people sat in sections where the waitress took their bill to the cashier which helped with crowd control.

Also the free ice cream is placed right in the middle of that mess. So we pay our bill, which we found a lot higher than we normally pay at a Mexican restaraunt, but for food that we did not like near as much. But hey, the ice cream was really good. That was the best part of the meal. Definitely was not satisfied with this dining experience.

Jan 30, 2016

The bestestest

Ryan Smith 

I go here almost everyday, the best Mexican restaurant in town, cause its really the only...

Dec 27, 2015

worst frozen food ever!


We went in there to enjoy a nice family dinner . Worst decision EVER! My son's pizza was soggy rubbery and microwaved . Yes MICROWAVED ! . Not what you would expect from a restaurant at all . How can you run a restaurant when you serve frozen food ? Even the manager said it looked rubbery followed with "we have always done it this way it's just a kids meal" . How can you say that to a paying customer ? How can you insinuate to me my child's meal is not as important as mine ? If you have an oven why wouldn't you bake the pizza ? As a parent I'm more concerned with child having edible food than it taking a little longer to cook . I can't believe the waiter actually thought I would sit and eat a meal in front of my hungry child . His lack of concern was appalling! I gave you 1 star because no stars was not an option .

Aug 02, 2015

Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant 281-893-2267 24501 Fm 2100 Huffman TX, 77336 USA 3.0 5.0 8 8 I have dined in or to go at this restaurant for over 10 years, today was the worst. Ordered a to go meal and queso, get home and have queso, taco and tostada for $17.00. Get back i